Milestones - 2021
Launch of the PRO DAM 40BN

In 2021, we launched our latest product: the PRO DAM 40BN. This all-in-one-piece anchor chair has been specially designed for sheet piles and underpinning, and this is another great addition to ProFound Drill Solutions' extensive product range.

Milestones - 2020
Launch of the PRO SOIL MIX BEAM

2020 saw the launch of the new PRO SOIL MIX BEAM. This all-in-one piece design can be used at an angle of 0° to 50° and it offers the perfect solution for tensioning cutter soil mix walls (CSM).

Milestones - 2019
Expansion of our product portfolio

In 2019, we further expanded our product portfolio with our innovative and reusable anchor solutions for anchoring different wall technologies.

Milestones - 2007
Development of our first drill tip

This was the year that it all started for ProFound Drill Solutions. In 2007, we developed our first drill tip, the PRO300, and that first drill tip was used for a full displacement pile at a Belgian site. At the time, ProFound Drill Solutions was already really innovative thanks to the transformation of a welded construction into a cast iron drill tip. Since then, we’ve developed a wide range of products in our portfolio.