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Drill tips

Discover our innovative engineered drill tips

At ProFound Drill Solutions we design, develop, produce and supply innovative engineered drill tips, both standardized and customized, for each type of foundation pile technology: from the PRO MICRO to the PRO COMBI. You may not be able to see us, but we are there. Our solutions are not only invisible but also indispensable.

Quite literally, you can build on ProFound Drill Solutions!

Why choose our drill tips?

At ProFound Drill Solutions we not only offer top quality products, but we also have a team ready to make sure that everything runs smoothly, anytime, and anywhere – even at your site. Discover all the advantages of our drill tips.

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    Smart design for optimized drilling performance

    All our high-quality and high-tech drill tips are designed by an experienced team of engineers, with a special focus on providing optimal drilling performance.

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    Environmentally friendly: 85% recycled material and reduced CO2  footprint

    In the manufacturing of our cast gray/ductile iron parts, we produce three times less CO2 compared to the manufacturing of steel parts (cast, plate, or welded). Our drill tips are made out of 85% recycled materials and therefore feature a reduced carbon footprint.

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    Made in Belgium

    Our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards, and they are produced with the highest quality grades of gray and ductile iron in Ieper, Belgium.

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    Customized designs on request

    Our experienced engineering team is here to quickly analyze your specific needs and create a custom-made design that offers the best quality solution for your projects.

  • Prepared for all orders

    Available on stock

    We are always prepared and ready for all your orders. We have an extensive stock range so you can count on us - anytime, anywhere.

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    Our patented drill tips ensure that we can not only offer our customers top quality but also exclusivity. The development of our patented drill tips is done entirely in-house by our own experts, which ensures that we can stand out and that we are unique in what we do.

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