Customer cases

Some remarkable customer case studies

It’s no secret that our drill tips and anchor solutions are travelling around the world. Tons of drill tips, anchors, and beams are being used at some really impressive construction sites. On this page, we give an overview of some of our most impressive customer case studies.

  • 2021 Customer case new VW plant

    ProFound Drill Solutions’ drill tips used for the construction of the new Volkswagen plant in Emden, Germany

    ProFound Drill Solutions is supplying more than 5,000 drill tips for the construction of the new Volkswagen plant in Emden, Germany.


  • Customer case - Wonderwoods

    ProFound Drill Tips and “The wonder of Utrecht”

    ​It's no secret that our drill tips are travelling all around the world. And our latest story involves almost 1,000 drill tips being used on a striking "green project" in the middle of the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands: Wonderwoods.



  • Customer case - Justitiepaleis

    ProFound Drill Tips for the construction of the new Courthouse in Namur

    ProFound Drill Tips is also very active on home soil and is currently collaborating on the construction of the new Courthouse (Palais de Justice) in Namur, Belgium. 250 of our PRO ANCHORS 40V were used in the construction of this gem of a building.


  • Customer case - metrolijn Parijs

    ProFound Drill Tips participates in the construction of new metro Line 15 South for Paris region

    ProFound Drill Tips is once again active in France's Paris region! The region is planning a new, automated metro line that will connect the Parisian suburbs.


  • Hoogbouwmagazijn

    PRO 300 drill tips for a high-bay warehouse

    363 foundation piles with PRO 300 drill tips from ProFound Drill Tips were used for the construction of a new high-bay warehouse in Ieper (Belgium) that will stand at a height of 32 meters.



  • Customer case - Wintrack II

    PRO FIX Drill Tips used in the building of innovative Wintrack II pylons

    Once again, ProFound Drill Tips is playing its part, this time for the realization of the new Wintrack II high-voltage pylons in the Netherlands.


  • Customer case - De groene boog

    ProFound Drill Tips in action for the “De Groene Boog”

    ProFound Drill Tips is proud to be part of the new “De Groene Boog” project in Rotterdam-Noord, the Netherlands.