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Discover our innovative engineered anchors and beams

At ProFound Drill Solutions we design, develop, produce and supply innovative solutions for anchoring different wall technologies: secant pile walls (PRO ANCHOR 0° until 50°), sheet piling walls (PRO ANCHOR 0° until 50°), soil mix walls (PRO BEAM SOIL 0° until 50°, with a length up to 0.8 meters or 31.5 inches), and Berliner walls (PRO BEAM 30° & 45°, with a length up to 1.6 meters or 63 inches). We offer both standardized and customized products. Discover all our innovative solutions below.

Why choose our anchor solutions?

At ProFound Drill Solutions we not only offer top quality products, but we also have a team ready to make sure that everything runs smoothly, anytime and anywhere – even at your site. Discover all the advantages of our anchor solutions.

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    Compact and robust design

    Our anchor solutions are high-quality and high-tech, and designed by our experienced team of engineers with a special focus on a compact and robust design for maximum performance.

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    Combined drill angles

    The anchors we offer are designed with combined drill angles of 0° until 50° to maximize the possibilities for your projects.

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    Thanks to their ductile iron material specifications, our anchor solutions can be used again multiple times for subsequent projects. One solution for all your projects – it doesn’t get easier than that.


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    One part, ready for use

    Our anchors and beams consist of one piece, which is immediately ready for use for our customers. In this way, we are trying to increase the flexibility for our customers in their projects.

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    Reduced handling and logistic costs

    We always strive to reduce the time, energy, and cost of installation for our customers. Therefore, we supply efficient, lower-cost solutions with reduced handling and logistic costs.

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    Environmentally friendly: 85% recycled material and reduced COfootprint

    In the manufacturing of our cast gray/ductile iron parts, we produce three times less CO2 compared to the manufacturing of steel parts (cast, plate, or welded). Our anchor solutions are made out of 85% recycled materials and therefore feature a reduced carbon footprint.

  • Belgium

    Made in Belgium

    Our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards and produced with the highest quality grades of gray and ductile iron in Ieper, Belgium.

  • Prepared for all orders

    Available on stock

    We are always prepared and ready for all your orders. We have an extensive stock range so you can count on us - anytime, anywhere.

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