PRO300 drill tips for a high-bay warehouse

363 foundation piles with PRO300 drill tips from ProFound Drill Solutions were used for the construction of a new high-bay warehouse in Ieper (Belgium) that will stand at a height of 32 meters. The high-bay warehouse, which is scheduled to be inaugurated in the spring of 2021, will have an automated storage of more than 10,000 pallets, four automatic cranes, and it will also be closely connected to production, and a new loading and unloading zone with several loading docks.

The problem encountered here is that the clay base in Ieper doesn't offer any load-bearing capacity. So to get around this issue, the floor plate of the warehouse required 224 foundation piles with PRO 300 drill tips, which are capable of withstanding the pressure of 850 kilonewtons. Finally, another 139 foundation piles with PRO 300 drill tips were used for the foundation of the building itself. These are capable of bearing the pressure of 1,000 kilonewtons and the pull of 450 kilonewtons.

This is yet another example of how ProFound Drill Solutions makes a difference!