Customer case - Wintrack II

PRO FIX Drill Tips used in the building of innovative Wintrack II pylons

Once again, ProFound Drill Tips is playing its part, this time for the realization of the new Wintrack II high-voltage pylons in the Netherlands. This new project will be constructed using no less than 121 high voltage connections and our weldable PRO FIX Drill Tips will be used.

The innovative Wintrack pylon concept has only existed for a few years. Unlike the Wintrack I, which is made entirely of steel, the new Wintrack II is also partially made of concrete. The so-called magnetic field zone has been drastically reduced and the pylons also take up less space, which has a beneficial effect on the environment. In addition, the new above-ground 380 kV connections have also been designed in such a way that they are less conspicuous in the landscape thanks to their neutral white color and sleek silhouette. The Wintrack II pylons will be used on the high-voltage routes from Eemshaven to Groningen.

This is another example of a wonderful innovative project in which ProFound Drill Tips was able to play its part!